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See our updated website at www.timberlinefoundation.org

WHY? To avoid confusing clients of the exciting, new Winterline Global Skills Program, which has been established as a logical, but independent outgrowth of our interest in Global Education and Citizenship. (see www.winterline.com)

Over the past year Winterline Foundation has adopted a new name: Timberline Foundation. It is the same programs, same organization, and the same people -- just a tweak in the name to avoid confusion with the new and wildly successful Winterline Global Skills Program.

In about 2015 the collective vision that shaped Winterline Foundation for 15 years found a new, energetic expression in the Winterline Global Skills Program. It was a philosophically related but independent venture that emerged as we imagined ways that our shared attention to Education for Global Citizenship could be "done better."

While that new effort continues its remarkable growth, we want our non-profit entity to retain a sharp and undistracted focus on our "community consensus" programs. That's what the renamed organization -- Timberline Foundation -- is doing. Next time you hear about Kaplani, or Prabhat, or Akshara, it will be from Timberline Foundation. But don't be alarmed, it's just us! Same people, same programs, same community engagements. Same organization. Same Tax ID Number: 04-3547684.